About Me

My passion for photography started with a thought all of us had when we were young, “How can I avoid losing all these memories?” From that moment on I made an effort to have a camera around whenever possible, which then slowly transitioned into a love to shoot other people’s memories as well. After getting my feet wet in the photography world shooting sports and live music I made the decision to get professionally trained the New England School of Photography. Since completing the program I have continued my love of shooting sports and music but have also grown to adore shooting weddings. Providing a couple with images that keep them smiling for years to come is an unmatched feeling. Every wedding is a beautiful and special day that I strive to preserve as such. As a versatile photographer with a strong skill set I set out to make every shoot my best work yet. Whether you are interested in photos of your big day or of your child’s soccer team, I would love to hear from you!

Mark Stern